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C-Nuz: The Columbia Owners Newsletters
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It's here! Capt'n Pauley's forth book!. This book reprints 19 newsletters spanning 1997 through 2002. 450 pages in all, for only $26.75 hard copy or $13.50 by electronic download. Get your copy today!
The Columbia Yacht Owners Association has enjoyed a long and successful run. Originally founded by Mike Keers and Eric White, the Association has a website, www.columbia-yachts.com, a main forum and several splinter groups for specific Columbia models, all hosted on Yahoo Groups or Sailboatforums.com

What few current CYOA and Columbia owners realize is that Mike Keers published a Columbia Owners Newsletter, C-Nuz, from 1997 until 2001. In that year, Mike Fellows took over the reigns but, unfortunately, the newsletter closed down after several issues. Various attempts were made the revive C-Nuz but none were successful.

In 2009, Eric White, one of the few remaining founding members of CYOA, sailed off to begin a cruising life. He passed on the Columbia archives he had amassed to me, Paul Esterle, an early but not founding, member of CYOA. Contained in that archive were the back issues of C-Nuz.

As I re-read them, I realize that many of the questions and problems of current Columbia owners were dealt with in those back issues. Leaking windows, replacing keel bolts, soft decks and repowering were all covered by the owners who actually solved the problems. Names from CYOA's past came to life: Jean Somerhausen and Pampero IV, John Broughton, Bob Tallmadge, Dennis Lancaster and a host of other came to life. What a great resource they would be if there was only some way of making them available.

Having some time on my hands, recovering from various surgeries, I decided to go ahead and republish them. I ended up scanning each and every page. That was followed by photo-shopping each page to try and enhance the slightly fuzzy pictures. The end result is this book. It should serve as a bible for Columbia owner, current and future.


Paul Esterle
October, 2010