More About Us
Hi! We're Pat and Paul Esterle, shown here aboard one of our project boats, "Bryn Awel". We started a small video production company to make boating "how-to" videos. We currently have three videos and 4 CDs in productiion.

Paul has also been writing for various boating magazines, such as SAIL, Small Craft Advisor, Good Old Boat, Dockside, Santana, Power & Motor Yacht  and Voyaging. He is a regular columnist in The Nor'easter and Technical Editor of Small Craft Advisor magazine.

We are currently based in Delaware, at the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay. We sail "Bryn Awel", a Columbia 10.7 35-footer as well as "Ternabout", a 20-foot Ouyang Matilda sloop.

Free free to contact us at
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