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Cooking Aboard a Small Boat
Optimizing the Trailerable Sailboat
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Lookin; for a good place to keep your boat? A place with lots of amenities, skilled staff and great service? Well, keep lookin', 'cause we do things our own way here at Purgatory Cove Fish Dock & Marina and don't you forget it!

Available in hard copy or as an e-Book

No refrigeration, no running water, no stove, NO PROBLEM!
The definitive book on cooking aboard a small boat from Capt'n Pauley and Ternabout. This book covers everything from stoves to trash handling, recipes to food types, packaging to organizing, all in one compact book. Pick the right stove and fuel, learn to live without refrigeration and still cook great tasting meals.

Available in hard copy or e-Book format

This book is an invaluable resource for those small boat sailors looking to get the most out of their boats. Customize your boat to fit your needs. Do the work yourself following the suggestions and projects in this book and you'll save yourself a bundle! Hundreds of photos and drawings make each project or topic clear and easy to visualize.

Available I hard copy and e-book format, also on iTunes

Need help with boat repairs or upgrade projects? Here are over seventy projects, tips and recommendations from  Paul Esterle, the Nor'easter's "How-To" columnist. Seven chapters organized in the following categories: Electrics, Electronics, Engines, Maintenance. , Miscellaneous, Operations. Repairs and Upgrades

Available in hard cover or e-Book format. Also available on i-Tunes

Join Pat and Paul Esterle aboard their 20' sloop, "Ternabout" as they show the improvements they've made. View the hints, tips and techniques that have turned their small sailboat into a capable vessel at rock bottom prices.

Duration: 70 minutes
How To Upgrade a Trailerable Sailboat
Capt'n Pauley's Books & DVDs
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this new book from Capt'n Pauley is worth over 60,000 of them. Over 60 time-tested, boater approved hints, tips and projects. Each is presented on a separate page and illustrated with a CAD drawing or two. These tips are from a long-running column in a popular boating magazine. The tips apply to both power and sail boats and can be grouped into 13 broad categories. Those categories are: cabin, deck, electrical & electronics, fuel, galley, gear, maintenance, outboards, plumbing, rigging, tools and trailers.

Capt'n Pauley's Workshop